What are Prop Kits?

Prop Kits are sold for your pleasure.

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Our prop kits may contain any combination of the following items:

Rice/Bird Seed: After "Science Fiction Double Feature", you'll see the church & you'll hear the bells. As the wedding party makes their way center stage, you toss your rice! General rule of thumb: If you're sitting in the front, toss it back. If you're in the back, toss it forward. If you're in the middle, toss up! But don't look up... falling rice hurts. And on that note - DO NOT throw the rice at the screen (it's 'spensive) or the actors (they're hungry, they will eat it, and, just like wild animals, we don't feed them).

Newspaper: After they get a flat tire, Brad & Janet make their way to the castle they passed back down the road a few miles. Because, you know, castles have phones, right? Janet covers her head with the newspaper in a lame attempt to keep dry. Do the same!

Audience Participation bonus! For the following song, “Over At The Frankenstein Place”, light up your phones when Brad & Janet sing “There’s a light”!

Rubber gloves: During Frank's speech, he puts on, stretches and snaps his gloves. Snap yours at the same time!

Audience Participation bonus! After getting off the elevator, Brad introduces himself & Janet to Frank. Call out asshole when he introduces himself and slut when he introduces Janet.

Noisemakers: At the end of the creation speech, the Transylvanians respond with applause and noisemakers. You should do the same.

Confetti: At the end of the "Charles Atlas Song" reprise, the Transylvanians throw confetti as Rocky and Frank head toward the bedroom. Toss your confetti as they exit! Frank & Rocky! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Toilet paper: When Dr. Scott enters the lab, Brad cries out "Great Scott!" At this point, you should hurl rolls of toilet paper into the air. At no other time is this socially acceptable, and if we catch you doing it, we'll shake our heads in disapproval thus making you feel terrible about your heinous, heinous mistake. Your friends will hate you. Your family will disown you. Your girlfriend/boyfriend will leave you. (If you ever had one in the first place, though I doubt anyone would get groovy with a late-toilet-paper-tosser) In short, just don't do it.

Toast: When Frank proposes a toast at dinner, members of the audience throw toast into the air, not at the cast ;). And we don't recommend you eat it... no matter how hungry you may be.

Cards: After the Floor Show, Frank will sing "I'm Going Home". When he sings "cards for sorrow, cards for pain", toss your playing cards!

Audience Participation bonus! Towards the end of "I'm Going Home" stand up. Transylvanians will prompt you by shouting "All rise for your Queen."

NOTICE: Please do NOT throw hot dogs, or bring squirt guns filled with any liquids!